#Poem Like This Machine

Here we go again.
They blamed me the last time
For Jupiter exploding.
I didn't set it off. I also put it back 
Before others noticed.
But it's true. This time the wrench was a little sticky.
It makes no sense though - 
I'm only here once every hundred years,
Just doing the rounds.
Like this machine.
I'm just oiling the cogs
Making everything smooth.
Apparently this is not my fault.
What's happening now.
I haven't pressed the reset button.
Or the control alt delete sequence.
This is natural.
Good luck with that.
Though it's beginning to stink.
What are they doing to it.
Have I got to accidentally lose an aeroplane
With heads of state
To make them listen?
No-one said I have to nudge them forward.
Just repair the machine
When they break it or it starts to rust.
Just doing the rounds.

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