Unbroken Line


Unbroken Line is my second solo play, which came out of various scratch performances over 3 years from a 48 minute public improvised piece at the now-no -longer Area 10 in Peckham in 2009, to a 19 minute scratch at The Cockpit, to a 50 minute festival piece in 2010 co-devised by Kath Burlinson. In 2011 it had a serious reworking in which it was restructured, characters were amalgamated and the character of Wira was created and different themes were explored. The title of the piece also changed from “Skylarking” to “Unbroken Line” to not only reflect the change in theme, but also to dissociate this piece from the free-form ‘skylarks’ that happen at various events.


Dolah is a Malaysian accountant, living in London, who finds himself redundant after a series of cutbacks in his firm. What he also loses is his sense of who he is with the loss of what he is. How important is it for him to know where Home is? Is he losing his senses already? And who is the ghost that has been following him since the redundancies?

A Malaysian coming out story meets Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

This play is a co-production between myself and Ovalhouse and is supported using public funds from the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Also with generous support from donations via WeFund.com. It performed 10 performances in the Theatre Upstairs at Ovalhouse to great audience response.:

Loved the show, you were great, such a heart warming lovely work:) x

R. Uttridge

Saw this in London last night, get tickets if you can! So so touching!

Jamie Catto


Indeed. Charming it was. I admire your courage and your performance was flawless. Real heart and energy. Highly recommended. Mx

M. Dacks


It was wonderful: it spoke so directly to me. It summoned up such particular voices: spirit, artist, Malaysia, London. (It shifted as my comment did from one to another! Congratulations to Jamie and to Kath and the team

T. Sharma


Can’t recommend it enough!

K-C Liang


An emotional exploration of one man’s search beautifully done and wish I could be there on the last night to see how the journey has developed…. I came away with the one word “empathy” in my mind……thank you Zooby…..and much love and luck…

TE Lee & R Gold


If you like good theatre you should go see this.
If you support independent theatre you should see this.
If you support east asian theatre you should see this. And if you are all of the above and you haven’t seen it yet get a move on!

J Chan-Pensley

I loved the show. It makes me want to paint and it lifted my soul! Congratulations on a wonderful piece of theatre. Everyone – rush to see it as it ends Saturday!!

G Nicholson


The PublicReviews.Com

A Younger Theatre



With special thanks to the following for their WeFund contributions(in alphabetical order):

Charlotte Allam, Carl Allott, Rachel Amey, Salahin Amri Amiruddin, Rasidin Amri, Anon, Karen Ascoe & David Upton, Tahera Baggia, Cate Brick, Suze Cameron, David Francis & Mairi Campbell, Paul Y Chan, Debbie Chazen, Kwai Chi, Vera Chok, Janet Combe, Krystle Cook, Laura Crichton, Jason Dean, Joshua Egirani, Paul Graves, Tamsin Haggis, Sabrina Hassan, Janet Hess, Max Hoff, Nigel Hollidge, Brendan Riding & Allison Hope, Renate Horn, Catherine Horrocks, Paul Hyu, Jennifer Irons, Les Irvin, Will Jennings, David Lee Jones, Sioned Jones, Alex Kelly, Stephanie Kelton, Zoie Kennedy & Des O’Connor, Ellis Kerhoven, Titania Krimpas, Anne Kyle, Angeline Lau, Michelle Lee, Kwong Loke, Alice Mackenzie, Natalie Mackeown, Daniel Mandel, Catherine McKay, Nicola Morris, Lawrence Munro, Angeline Lau, Erica Lowe, Jennifer Lunn, Nuala O’Sullivan, Eleanor Peter, Jamie Pourier, Andrea Robinson, Zowee Smith, Rachel Smith-Rawnsley, Balvinder Sopal, Bob Stein, Jack Tanner & Joanna Reed, Elisa Terren, Jacky Walls, Paul Williams & Matthew Clark, Meimango Wood, Jay Yip, Will Yong, Linda Zeilina, Adam Zubairi, Linda Zubairi, Syed Zulkifli and of course my mum and dad Hassan and Gillian Zubairi. This play would not be possible without your support!




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