#Poem The Seascape Is Just A Seascape

What is this Society? 
Where is the place I need to be
To find all the parts I need to find to love
The 3 selves that I have beating within?

What beings have shown up in society?
What other cultures have the three or more?
But why their cultures?
Where are the examples in my own?
The shunned.
But here in this place?

To sail in the mire of society that can be strong
I wont to honour the part of me that knows
The divine and takes that part of me very seriously

Sails float above the cut
Part of the picture but floating above
A glorious sailboat.
The seascape is just a seascape without it.
But there is beauty

Captain at the helm
But her sails are high
And they catch the sun.


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