#Poem – Openings And Closings

Openings And Closings

The floor swept
The rugs rolled
The candles lit
The bowls of nuts and Bombay mix,
The air in the hall is hushed
Only kitchen sounds
And glasses clinking in arrangement.
Soon the door is opened to the evening air
And we gather to dance
To talk,
To listen
To reflect and breathe in
Another life.
Amongst the revels
And the insight
And the laughs and the tears.
And the tears when we realise
It’s time.
And the coats are on
And goodbyes are said
Until the next,
Until the tapping of toes
Take us to your open floor.
But until then,
Let’s sweep the room
Shake the rugs
Smile at memories we’ve just made,
Crafting richness from the poor.

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