#Poem – 15th of March 1991

15th of March 1991.
I never mark it.
I've only just remembered it
As something significant -
As the day you didn't take my virginity 
By consent,
And started seven years of living in the dark,
Of shame, of sin
Of punishment
The shadow of AIDS
(What can I say, I was young)
Secretly arrived at a place,
In my own sexuality 
3 years in this country,
3 years out from under their roof,
Exploring what it meant 
To kiss another boy.
And nobody knew.
Layers of someone else's skin
Hiding raw skin,
Unseen by the sun.
15th of March 1991
Was too cold to stay in the tent
That all of us planned,
So we all decided to go back to yours,
Sardined in the guestbed,
So thankful it was warm
So scared for myself.
15th of March 1991.
Or was it the 12th?

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