Jamie Zubairi Square

Jamie Zubairi is an Anglo-Malay actor and voiceover artist working in London. He is also an accomplished painter and photographer. This is his official website. Here, you may contact him or his agents, view his work

This page is having magic added to it slowly. It’ll soon come alive

Zooby x


7 thoughts on “Home

  1. I hope you got our note of apology for not attending Parliament Square…which I swear I sent to the Bush Theatre.

    Dear Jamie,
    It was great meeting you. You give us hope for the world of theatre! I’m so sorry we didn’t get a chance to see Parliament Square…there’s nothing like pre-bought tickets to thwart good intentions. But the next time we’re in London….when it’s not so cold!….we’re going to see what you’re in and we’ll be there! That’s a promise! Especially if it’s something you’ve written! Keep us posted.
    Warm regards from both of us! And thank you for being so great to talk to.
    Leslie (and, of course, Bob

    • Leslie! I certainly did! Thank you. They didn’t forward to me the email it originated from, however.

      I am currently trying to get to Scotland for some creative workshops for next week with a collective that I belong to http://www.authenticartist.co.uk. But the snow is thwarting me!

      I hope the rest of your theatre visits were fulfilling. Should you like to contact me on email, I am @gmail.com with the same name as this website

  2. Dear Jamie,
    Do you still remember us?! Although we aren’t going to be in London this December….within the next six months we will definitely be there….and plan to see you in whatever play you’re in. We’ll surprise you…and dare you to recognize us!!
    So….what are you acting in now? Are you enjoying it? And….in general….how’s life?
    Warmest regards from your very best, most-wonderful, ten-minute-friend,
    Leslie (and, of course, Bob)
    PS: I shouldn’t tell you this…but I have a great idea for a play (TV show?) for you. Which you, of course, will have to write!

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