#Poem: News From Abroad

News from abroad:
They're still fighting,
Those that still have a beef;
They're still on their knees,
Those that still believe in pleading;
They're still restless,
Those that have suffering and need;
They're still crying,
Those that still have compassion;
They're still dancing,
Those that still have blood in their bodies.

News from home:
We're still breathing,
Those of us that are still here;
We're still talking,
Those of us that want to talk;
We're still here,
Those of us that haven't left -
Counting the ways
To say 'I love you' without saying it.
"Yes I know it was your favourite breakfast"
It was all we had in.
But I'm only telling you that.

If anyone would like to join the event as they happen and hear the wonderful music and storytelling that happens every Sunday, please find the Campbell’s Ceilidh every Sunday online at 7pm. Here’s the Facebook group


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