#Poem – The Clear Day

The Clear Day

The birds took  my sight
Far out beyond the cliffs
Far out over the blue
It looked calm but I knew
That there was more.

Moving in slow rivers
Snaking sea-monsters.
Far far under what you can see
Is the sea under the sea
Never reaching the shore.

Under storms surface scars
Or wind whipped spray
Don’t go searching deep down
For dark waters drown
Our souls in their devils roar

Fishermen, pirates, mermaids, 
Sailors coiled in desperate embrace
Lost girls and boys sewn in tales
Told over whiskies and ales
Until they’re part of local lore.

Whenever you look out to sea
And the calm or the spray
Trances you to thinking of the now
Think of those lost over the brow
And all those gone before.

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