#Poem Beneath Our Lives

Beneath Our Lives

Kids playing, running in the street
Girls throwing bottles on the path
Horses in the field
Curtains opening
Lights turning off
Hanging washing drying on a balcony
Windows open, Cars drive
Everything happening beneath our lives

A church wedding
A procession of black cars
Swings in a playground, still.
A baby’s shoe hanging from a fence with a glove
A hand-scribbled sentence in a supermarket noticeboard
Looking for weekend help
Husbands walking in parks with their wives
Everything happening beneath our lives.

A screeching car
A motorcyclist 
Shaking his fist
A father feeding bread to the ducks and the swans
Someone photographing his dog
Jumping in the air
A balcony with a sunflower
Lettuce and some chives
Everything happening beneath our lives

The witness of the trees
Looking into windows
And birds on a windowsill going where the wind blows
A couple on a bench looking out the the lake
The houses Like gleaming teeth
The playing field quiet
Someone’s dinner bel l rung
Dishes that must be washed
Clothes that must be hung
And all around 
people toil and thrive
Everything is happening beneath our lives.

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