#Headshots for Micky Dacks


I thought I’d show a before and after photograph from a session this week in Manchester of songwriter, musician, actor and writer Micky Dacks, just to show where I’m at in my learning of photoshop and what I like doing. It’s a little rough edged but it’s where I’m at. These aren’t the choice of acting headshots that I made but I thought I’d use these as the photo was not an instant choice for a character shot or even a headshot but as a photo to learn photoshop and where is too much, what to bring out.


I like the stylised look Micky gives in this shot and I thought a more stylised treatment of the photo would be ideal. I just need to learn more about separation of subject and background but I suspect that is a more painstaking ‘select’ tool than this rush.

I’d love some tips from other photographers


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