Joni Mitchell and Charles Mingus #ALS

In 1979 Joni Mitchell collaborated with jazz legend Charles Mingus who was dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease, otherwise known as #ALS. His compositions I-VI which can be found on her album ‘Mingus’ are her most technically challenging, his most heartbreaking (listen to ‘Chair In The Sky’) and also most fun. He never heard the final album as he passed away, aged 56 in Mexico. I’m so glad that people are raising money for this disease via ‘those videos’.


It’s upsetting that people are laughing at the death of Corey Griffin, the 27 year old behind The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Well done to those who have done those videos to get people aware and talking about it, even better to those who have donated.

Here’s in interview with Joni Mitchell around the time of the album’s release about her visits with Mingus and his wife, Sue

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