#Poem – No Second Dates

Poem No Second Dates

I was a little more fun tonight.
There was a little more bounce in my play!
I was on every line,
Hitting every change,
Guiding the fleet of every thought,
Grabbing every laugh,
Every twinkle caught by watching eyes. 

While my feet were stepping,
On point, in the moment,
Not a beat out of time,
My headlights were on full
Beaming way into the future.

Seeing round bends,
And I could see what waves
I’d have to climb,
For what mountain
Winds I’d have to cast anchor.

Instead I was a bright red kite
In a flat blue sky,
Seen by all who were wondering
Who was tugging at my string?
Could they tell as much as I?

It’s not like my agent was in,
Or old tutors,
Or new mentors,
Or mum and dad,
No second dates,
But I’m glad you were there to see it.

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