#Poem – The Simple Meal

The Simple Meal

It's always the simplest
Lentils, rice
The aroma of frying onions
Garlic, sliced not too thinly,
Ginger for that surprise on the tongue.

It's not for dates
Its for company 
That are comfortable
With sitting in their truth,
Onions frying to remind them of homes
Garlic to deepen the thoughts,
Generous ladles.

Some people flood their bowls,
Others just like to wet the rice,
Or have a different taste to
Accompany the fried fish, white hot
Inside and brown crisped turmeric
And soysauce bronze.
The heat of the fish takes away
The spice of the chicken curry,
Rich in coconut milk and chillies,
And the roast aubergine in bananaleaf, 
Simply flavoured
With red onion pickle.
And the bright greens
Of pak choi or even, if it's in
Water convulvulus,
Tempered with prawn paste
And fermented chillies,
And dried fish flaked on top
Giving that mouthful
An unexpected welcome sting of salt.
Enjoyed silently, seriously, on every
Kitchen mat, eaten with right handed fingers.
It's only a simple meal,
Everyone has it, don't they?

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