#Poem – The Squirrel

The Squirrel

It was the walk with the empty trees
High above us, so tall. 
My companion pointed out
To the south end of my walk
And a squirrel making his way.
He’d just come out of a loveless winter
With a child in tow.
We danced with the squirrel
As it came down.
Tender. Nervous, unsure 
Of the beautiful strangers
That knew their route.
It was a spring for him.
He was gathering coconuts 
– That made him laugh. 
Perching on my shoulder
I wanted to show him 
Possible shapes.
No point in copying mine. 
We all have different journeys on this walk. 
So he said goodbye
It was fun.
His bushy tail disappearing 
Too quickly
Before I got a chance to fall 
Too much in love. 

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