#Poem : Advice I Give Myself

 It’s not a gift
 It’s hard work
 It’s not lots of fun
 It’s a fucking JOYRIDE
 If you let go and let it take you. 
 If you think you’re in for an easy ride of it
 Sell, it, take it to the pawnshop 
 See what you can get for it.
 I can tell you’re not here to save the world
 Or even be a little bit entertaining.
 If for a minute
 You aren’t shoving your fists
 In the dark corners of your soul
 To show us who you really are
 Then work in a bank.
 It might be easier for the rest of us
 If your humanity never
 Saw its own face.
 Suck in the power you’re standing on
 From the deep earth
 And roar it to the gods
 Make them listen
 You’re bigger
 You’re uglier
 You’re more powerful
 More beautiful
 Touching the divine inside.
 Are you going to come out now?
 This is play
 Go on, get dirty
 Everything I have said to you 
 Is advice I’ve given myself, so
 Get out there.
 Give those kids the best panto they’ve ever seen.

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