Rhyme Time Town

This Friday sees the first airing on Netflix of season 1 of Rhyme Time Town. I believe I’m in a later episode (unless they’ve held them back so kids don’t binge watch them all!). It’s my first job for both Netflix and Dreamworks and in it, I am the voice of an orangutan shadow-puppet master! So much fun! It was so much fun in the studio though I was kinda nervous! I had to sing!


It was all good though. At least I do sing. The director, Tracey Nampala made it really fun for everyone in the room and really made it easy to do my best work.

Since my first foray into professional animation, I’m now taking more classes in voice-acting and have, just this week been coached by some great voices. Mela Lee being one of them!

What I loved about this character was that it was something that I loved and knew about – shadow puppetry! Something part of my cultural heritage. I knew that I could do this character from a place of knowing. I hope it comes across and that it’s fun for the kids!

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