Inspector Chen

This has been one of the best and most fun jobs ever. From the audition stage, to getting the news, to my first nervous days learning radio drama


Kerry Gooderson and I share an intimate ‘meal’

Andrew Leung

Andrew Leung

Myself and Andrew Leung

Andrew Leung

techniques, with all its tips and tricks from the Radio Drama Company, to working (most significantly) with other East Asian actors!

I remember my first day in the read- through sitting dear David Yip, thinking to myself “Here I am, playing a Chinese detective… But that’s THE CHINESE DETECTIVE!”. And of course David is warm and funny and wanting to do a good job like the rest of us, and that’s important. No airs and graces in radio drama. We’re all here in our hard-soled shoes together.

These photos are from this series, I’ll upload more from the other 2 series when I can find them.

In the meantime, enjoy listening to the 3 episodes in this series.

Episode 1: Don’t Cry Tai Lake

7 thoughts on “Inspector Chen

  1. Dear Jamie
    I am an avid listener of radio drama and I wanted to tell you that the Inspector Chen mysteries have been an absolute delight. No other drama has captured my imagination more and is a real credit to everyone involved.
    I hope there are more to come and Chen finds love soon !!
    With my very best wishes

  2. Hi Jamie
    I was thrilled to discover a non profit organisation which is building a digtal library and contains milions of audio recordings as well as books, texts, videos and images and is free to access. Within the site are your recordings of the Inspector Chen Mysteries, so I can listen to them again and again.
    With my very best wishes

  3. Hi Jamie
    The site can be found at and it is truly amazing.
    As I said before it is free to access and for avid fans of radio dramas like me the choice is endless, as well as everything else it has to offer.
    I’d love to hear what you think .
    Hope you are well


  4. Hi Jamie
    Just to let you know BBC Sounds is broadcasting the Inspector Chen mysteries on Radio 4 on Sunday afternoons but they are only available for a short time whereas on they will always be online. Just enter Inspector Chen audio drama into the search engine and they are easy to find.
    Hope you are well
    Very best wishes to you

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