This year starts here.

This year starts here. It becomes all about making work and not stopping to take a breath. Does it? Does it mean that I’m just giving out and giving out? That would be ideal. trying something new, trying to make new work from materials that aren’t autobiographical – for a change! I know that they will be personal and it will always be touching on things and events that I may be passionate about but it won’t be my story – it’ll be yours. That’ll be new.

I’m an Associate Artist at Ovalhouse along with 7 other individuals and companies and there is a commitment to making work there. I’ve been invited back by LOST Theatre to make another short solo piece for inclusion in July. In June I’m exhibiting new paintings. Works which I haven’t started yet. I can see that I won’t be home a lot of the time this year. Who has time for actually doing any acting? I hope that I still get to do the odd thing. May be after the summer…

Also this year I’ve committed to getting myself better at taking portrait photography, initially for free to build a portfolio and then to get a website up and running.

It’s all about creating and not thinking about the creations. Just get it done and out there. Is that the commitment this year? Get it done and out there?

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